Navratri Cultural Group (NCG) : Pioneers of Navratri Celebrations in Sydney!

Navratri Cultural Group (NCG) has been at the forefront of organising the Navratri Garba and Dandiya Raas functions in Sydney for over 34 years. It is run by a committee of volunteers, who work without any monetary compensation. Over the years, NCG has donated generously for worthwhile causes both locally and in India.

NCG has always organised functions using all local artists (most of whom provide their services on a voluntary basis) and we endeavour to continue to do so. NCG is not affiliated with any specific sections of the Gujarati community and it encourages broad community participation in all aspects. If you would like to or if you know someone who would like to participate as a volunteer on the day, as a member of the organising committee or as an artist, please contact us by filling up the form or contact any of the people mentioned on the contact us page. 

We will sincerely welcome all help we can get in keeping this traditional Navratri Garba function going.